Beer bath

A natural cure

Beer and yeast are natural remedies from traditional European medicine. Their soothing effects and health benefits have been known for thousands of years.

A beer bath detoxifies and supports the body against many inflammatory and rheumatic symptoms such as gout and skin diseases. Beer baths provide relief for circulation problems in the hands and feet.

What is in a beer bath?

Natural bath essence

Beer extract is free of cosmetic additives and preservatives. In beer extract, you'll find malt and hops, with a water content of around 80%. Calculated by dry matter, the following average values were determined:

  • 50 to 60% protein
  • 3 to 30% mineral content
  • 16 to 20% hop resins
  • 20 to 30% other organic substances

Straw bed

Relaxation and healing with the power of the nature

Relaxation and healing with the power of nature. Oat-straw baths are a unique pleasure. The dried grasses and herbs relieve many symptoms. They are purifying, improve blood circulation, are warming, detoxifying and soothing to the psyche. Straw contains no synthetic substances and therefore works naturally.


Im Bierbad
Im Bierbad
Im Bierbad
Im Bierbad
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