Classic massage

Massages are among the oldest natural healing methods. Even the doctors of ancient China and Antiquity used them to heal and prevent sickness.

Massages stimulate the circulation, are relaxing and promote the unity of body and mind.

Massage€ 31.00
(30 Min.)
Massage€ 55.00
(60 Min.)

Breuss massage

... is a gentle, sensitive treatment and can be excellently combined with the Dorn-Therapy.

As an energetic manual back massage, it can release physical and emotional blockages and is ideal for muscle relaxation.

The Breuss massage stretches the spine and triggers a regeneration of undersupplied discs.

It can therefore help to solve many problems in the musculoskeletal system.

BreussMassage€ 35.00
(25 Min.)

Aromatic oil massage

The most pleasant, sensual use of essential oils is the aromatic oil massage.

The essences are locally activating or via energy channels (nerves, meridians...), relaxing and reduce stress.

Aromatic oil
Massage€ 35.00
(30 Min.)
Aromatic oil
Massage€ 65.00
(60 Min.
Full body)

Hot stone massage

The "hot stone massage" is well known for its deep-penetrating and warming effect.

Typical application areas include muscle tension, Burn-Out and disruptions of emotional equilibrium or the immune system.

Hot stone
Massage€ 85.00
(80 Min.)
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